Ph.D. Exams and Courses

As a Ph.D. student, I have to pass four basic exams and four advanced exams. :-(
Here you can find the advancement state for such exams.

Basic Exams

First of all, I have participated to the Scuola Nazionale dei Dottorati di Informatica (that is, the National School of Ph.D. in Computer Science), held in Bertinoro (FO) on May, from 17th to 28th 1999, where I have attended to the following courses:

Linguaggi per basi di dati ad oggetti (Object-Database Languages)
held by Prof. Antonio Albano (Pisa University) with the collaboration of Dr. Giuseppe Castagna (Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Ecole Normale Superieure) and Dr. Veronique Benzaken (Université de Paris I et LRI);
Reti di Petri stocastiche: modelli ed analisi (Stochastic Petri Networks: Models and Analysis)
held by Prof. Gianfranco Balbo (Turin University);
Modelli e linguaggi per la mobilità (Models and Languages for Mobility)
held by Dr. Davide Sangiorgi (INRIA Sophia Antipolis).

The written document which had to be produced to pass the exam related with the first course has been written in collaboration with Udo Jocher and Giulio Pavesi, and has been delivered to Prof. Albano; the result (18/20) has been published on the web page of the School (so I suppose the exam is passed), but we haven't still received any formal communication from Prof. Albano.

The small project that had to be developed to pass the exam related with the second course has been prepared in collaboration with Udo Jocher and Giulio Pavesi. The exam has been passed, with no indication of mark.

The exam related with the third course - prepared in collaboration with Sadegh M. Astaneh and Udo Jocher - consisted of five exercises on pi-calculus, and has been passed with maximum mark.

Since Bertinoro's school did provide only three of the four basic courses, I have attended to a basic course on Current Technologies for Local Area Networks, held by Prof. Gianfranco Prini in the Computer Science Department of the University of Milan, from July 26th to July 30th, 1999.
To pass the exam, I have to prepare a written and spoken report on current technologies for optical networks (with special care to all-optical networks and soliton technologies).

Advanced Exams

On April 1999 I have attended to a seminar on Requirements Management Systems (RMS) and Dual Information Systems (DIS) technologies, used to design/redesign Information Systems for worldwide and highly technological companies. The seminar was held by Prof. Timo Käkölä (Turku University - Finland), at the University of Milan - Bicocca.
The exam related with the course consisted of a written comparison between two models (one for RMS and the other for DIS). The document - written in collaboration with Mauro del Barba, Claudio Zandron and Rosalba Zizza - showed also how to embed the RMS model into the DIS model, to better manage the requirements of the new/redesigned Information System. It has been judged "very good" by Prof. Käkölä, so we have passed the exam.

On March 2000 I have attended to a course on Cryptography, held by Prof. Giuseppe Persiano at the Dipartimento di Informatica e Applicazioni (Department of Computer Science and Applications) of the University of Salerno.
To pass the exam related with the course, I have to write a relation upon three papers concerning cryptosystems which are provably secure against chosen ciphertext attacks.


To pass the remaining exams, I am following a course on Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography, held by Prof. Gianpiero Cattaneo (University of Milan - Bicocca).

Moreover, I will participate to the School of Lipari on E-Commerce and Online Algorithms, where I hope to give two exams.

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