TC1 Track of the 20th IFIP World Computer Congress
September 8 - 10, 2008
Milano - Italy

TCS 2008 will be held as part of WCC 2008 at the Milano Convention Centre - Via Gattamelata, 5

The aim of the IFIP Technical Committee 1 on Foundations of Computer Science (IFIP-TC1) is to support the development and exploration of fundamental concepts, models, theories of computation and of computing systems and the understanding of laws, limits, and possibilities of information processing.

Besides, the Committee aims at supporting the development of theoretical computer science as a fundamental science that has scientific goals in understanding the information processing world as physics has in understanding the energy processing world and similar goals in developing methodology for science and technology as mathematics does.

The conference Theoretical Computer Science, which is held every two years, either in conjunction or in the framework of the IFIP World Computing Congress, is the meeting place of the TC1 community where new results of computation theory are presented and more broadly experts in theoretical computer science meet to share insights and ask questions about the future directions of the field.

Previous conferences of this series were held in Sendai (2000), Montreal (2002), Toulouse (2004), Santiago (2006).